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Kick-Off College on the Right Financial Foot

August 12, 2023

Fall means back-to-school for many families. For the ones heading off to college, it’s a new adventure and a major milestone. But leaving the nest and taking the big leap can be pretty challenging for incoming freshmen and their parents. You can help give your child the support and stability they need in this critical moment. Before they pack up for the incoming fall semester, send them off on the right financial foot by opening a Traditional Student Checking Account from Community Bank.

No matter where they decide to study, a Student Checking Account with Community Bank is a smart, simple and safe place to keep their college cash.

Here’s why it’s the perfect place to park your student’s money:

  • No Monthly or ATM Fees* From Us - which leaves more money for brain food 🍜
  • Mobile Banking - for easy banking in between classes 📲
  • Watchful Security - for peace of mind at any time 🔒

For parents, helping your child set up a Traditional Student Checking account benefits everyone involved. Here are a few reasons why it’s the right move:

  1. Easily Transfer Cash - When your kid needs a little extra help, chip in with the ability to easily transfer funds from your checking account into their Student Checking account. Whether it’s cash for books or a little extra support for late-night study fuel, you can ensure your scholar is never in a stressful financial pinch. Talk to your banker about easy and convenient transfer options. 
  2. Get Extra Security - Rest easy knowing their money is safe in their Student Checking account. Community Bank has all the security of a big bank like fraud protection and the ability to lock a card if it goes missing using SecurLOCK Equip. But you also get the personal touch of bankers you know – here if your kid needs extra assistance. 
  3. Easily Navigate the App - Download the Community Bank mobile app for a simple experience that gives your student everything they need at their fingertips. They can monitor their account and get help if they need it; all in one place. Navigating campus might be difficult, but the Community Bank mobile app is easy. 
  4. Simple Set-up - The college to-do checklist can be incredibly long and complicated. But opening an account for your student couldn’t be simpler. Call, click, or visit us at your local Community Bank branch and chat with your friendly neighborhood banker. With just a few questions and some easy paperwork, we keep things quick and simple. So you can get to the important things – like decorating the dorm room.




*Ask us for details